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If you need to add storage capacity to your images directory or you would like to replace your /images directory with a larger capacity array/hard drive here are the basic steps. We are going through the steps on Ubuntu, but they should be very similar on Fedora.

Prepping the new disk

  • Determine the device node by running
sudo fdisk -l
  • Locate the entry the matches your device you are adding for something like /dev/sdX where X is a letter.
  • Make sure the device is formatted with ext3/4. Your should see a partion listed like this:
   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
/dev/sdX1               1      121601   976760001   83  Linux
  • If you have a partition that isn't either ext3/4, you will need to delete them with the following commands. Note: This WILL make the data on the partition unreadable!
sudo fdisk /dev/sdX
  • Take note the number of partitions you need to delete and for each of them do:
[parition number]
  • When you are done removing the partitions type:
  • At this point if you don't have any partitions on the disk we can create it with the following commands:
sudo fdisk /dev/sdX
  • Now we can format our partition with:
mkfs.ext3  /dev/sdX1

Please note the 1 at the end.

  • Now we are going to get the UUID of the device using:
sudo blkid /dev/sdX1

record the UUID value

Moving images folder to new storage

  • Move and recreate the image directory with:
sudo mv /images /images1
sudo mkdir /images
  • Now we want to setup /etc/fstab to make sure the device gets mount during boot up.
sudo nano /etc/fstab


sudo gedit /etc/fstab
  • Add the following line to the bottom
UUID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX    /images      ext3 defaults 0 0
  • Mount it with:
sudo mount -a
  • Check that is mounted with:
  • Copy your images back to your new directory
sudo cp -Rf /images1/* /images/
  • Change permissions with:
suco chown -R fog /images
sudo chmod -R 755 /images
sudo chmod -R 777 /images/dev

If you want to just add capacity to your images directory, you could instead mount your new device as a subfolder of the /images directory. In this case your wouldn't need to move the original directory to /images1, and your fstab line would look like:

UUID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX    /images/newdisk      ext3 defaults 0 0