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FOG Project Leads (Creators and Developers too)

Chuck Syperski

Chuck Syperski is the lead developer for FOG computer imaging solution. He is a software developer and network integration specialist for a public school district outside of Chicago, IL. Chuck Syperski has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Illinois and is half way done with his master's degree :). He specializes in Java, jsp, jsf, objective C, C, C++, C#, perl and php. You can contact Chuck Syperski directly via sourceforge as the following link:

Chuck Syperski releases other software titles through his company CWS Software LLC

His username on the FOG forums is Chuck Syperski

Jian Zhang

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His username on the FOG forums is Jian Zhang

Community Managers


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FOG Developers

Andy Abplanalp

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His username on the FOG forums is Andy Abplanalp

Jaymes Driver

  • Jaymes "loves dnsmasq" Driver

Jaymes is an aspiring software engineer and Ubuntu nut. He began working on his degree at University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, AZ but currently works as a Technology Support Specialist for Seymour Community School Corporation out of Seymour, IN. Jaymes spends his time breaking what isn't broken, and working on private projects that deal in html, php, and mysql. You can contact Jaymes by using the FOG forums.

His username on the FOG forums is Jaymes Driver

Tom Elliott

  • Senior Developer

Tom Elliott is the Senior Developer for FOG computer imaging solution. He is a technical support specialist for Burlington School District in Burlington, VT. Tom Elliott has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) Information Systems Security from the University of Phoenix. Currently looking at Master's programs. He also served 8 years active duty service with the United States Army as a Signal Support Systems Specialist. You can contact him directly via email at,, or on the FOG Forums.

His username on the FOG forums is Tom Elliott

Fernando Gietz

  • LDAP Plugin Creator

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His username on the FOG forums is Fernando Geitz

Peter Gilchrist

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Greg Grammon

Greg Grammon a Sysadmin for Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS.

His username on the FOG forums is Junkhacker.

Curtis Larsen

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His username on the FOG forums is fractal13

Gilles Pietri

Gilles helps developping FOG (Web UI, and linux client code) and provides insights on how to drive the project. He is specialized in IT administration and virtualization, and provides training and consulting for FOG through a training center in France (in Paris, Nantes, Lille, Lyon, Toulouse...). You can find DAWAN's training offer here:

His username on the FOG forums is Gilou

Lee Rowlett

  • Location Patch Creator (Now migrated to the Location Plugin)

Lee currently works for the NHS Ambulance Service as a Senior IT Engineer. Most of his contributions to the FOG project are related to new feature developments and help drive modular style imaging.

His username on the FOG forums is Lee Rowlett

Joe Schmitt

  • Senior Developer

You can contact him directly via the forums.

His username on the FOG forums is Joe Schmitt

John Shaw

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His username on the FOG forums is jbsclm

Travis Vlaminck

Travis works for a public school district as a computer support specialist. Most of his contributions to the FOG project are related to feature integration and coding on the web UI.

His username on the FOG forums is BPSTravis

Dan Younkin

Dan works for a public school district in Rockwood, PA, USA as a Technology Assistant. His titles include too many to count and if he takes a day off there are mass panics. Most of his contributions are testing new features, mass troubleshooting and confirming bugs, wiki updates, and suggesting more a simpler streamline FOG. It is his hope FOG will expand and compete with other streamline imaging software and systems.

His username on the FOG forums is Wolfbane8653

Notorious Beta Testers

Ian Allison

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His username on the FOG forums is ianabc

Lane Garland

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His username on the FOG forums is need2

Greg Plamondon

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His username on the FOG forums is Greg Plamondon

Bill Rice

Mr. Rice is a network engineer for Roxborough Memorial Hospital in Roxborough, PA. Enjoys tinkering with all things PC. Building servers, maintaining Infrastructure, WAN, WIFI, LAN, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL. and is learning Linux, (prefers GUI from Mint)

I have been toying around with FOG since build .30 I kinda got in a little late to the party. joined the forums a year later. I had used fog personally and then introduce this software to the hospital I work for. I provided my own equipment to demonstrate the benefits to using it in our environment, only 1 drawback. I was a total Linux NOOB. I muddled through, configured the original PXE boot and the menu options. I provided my organization with a free alternative for cloning systems on the go while providing a method of booting systems that were corrupted, and recovering lost data. All this was made possible with the FOG software with special thanks to the hard and dedicated work of the founders, Chuck Syperski & Jian Zhang. Also want to shout out to the additional members of the team for their hard work and the dedication that has provided you with many new updates and added features.

I had spent many hours of researching commands, investigating Linux distro's and have had many pleasures in troubleshooting Ubuntu changes.. lol now I'm a bit more familiar with FOG and its configs, I hope to offer up my experience and ability to seek out those problems/bugs that plague the everyday user so that the development team can fix them quickly.

My username on the FOG Forums is Bill Rice Feel Free to contact me, I'll do my best to assist. As stated earlier, I'm still new to Linux but the internet is my friend :) Good luck. -Bill

Wayne Workman

Mr. Workman works at a high school in St. Louis as a Technology Specialist, and oversees roughly 500 network-connected devices with about 900 users (among other systems) within an Active Directory / Open Directory environment. Holds an AAS degree in Computer Support from Jefferson College, along with CompTIA A+ & NET+. He's an experienced .NET framework programmer, BASH scripter, PHP writer, MySQL troubleshooter, Powershell scripter, Batch scripter, full LAMP stack developer, and Active Directory Administrator.

He began testing the latest version of FOG in January 2015 due to needs of custom Multicast settings, and has worked closely with the Senior Developer to integrate support for Fedora 21, Debian 8, Ubuntu 15, and Fedora 22 into FOG, and has written numerous WiKi articles for installation and troubleshooting fog and is an active moderator on the fog forums, and is now the lead Technical Writer for the FOG Project.

His username on the FOG forums is Wayne Workman

Ray Zuchowski

Mr. Zuchowski is a IT Administrator for Mansfield Elementary School in Port Murray, NJ and is also the owner of Sirus Computer Systems. LLC in Stewartsville, NJ.

@ Mansfield Elementary School

Administrator to over 700 Computers and 6 Servers. Active Directory Specialist. Network Administration and Installation. Security Administration, IP Cameras, and Installation. Smart Board Installations.

@ Sirus Computers

Handle IT Administration for small and large corporations.

Honda Corporation, Police Departments, Pharmaceutical, Law Firms and many other small businesses.

Partners with Barracuda Networks, Lenovo, Bit Defender, and Video Insight.

Username on Fog Forums is Zuchowra

Fog has changed the way I handle my everyday IT Administration. Hands down, one of the best open source software I have ever worked with. Beta testing since early 2014.

Steven Goodman

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