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(build FOG file system)
(build FOG file system)
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  cd ..
  cd ..
  copy init.xz to your FOG server /tftpboot/fog/images/init_32.xz (or init.xz for 64 bits)
  copy init.xz to your FOG server /var/www/fog/service/ipxe/init_32.xz (or init.xz for 64 bits)

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In order for the FOG Client to boot on the hosts, it requires a kernel and a filesystem image containing its filesystem. Buildroot helps building the toolchain (uclibc) and generate that image with busybox and all the packages we need. This page will tell you how to build the filesystem on your own from SVN.


Debian 7 (and Ubuntu 12.x and newer)

sudo apt-get install build-essential subversion git bison bc flex gettext texinfo zlib1g-dev uuid-dev ncurses-dev unzip libpci-dev libssl-dev

Download the relevant FOG source

svn checkout https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/trunk/src fogsrc

Download Buildroot

wget http://buildroot.uclibc.org/downloads/buildroot-2014.11.tar.bz2
tar xjf buildroot-2014.11.tar.bz2

Copy source files inside Buildroot's tree

cp -r fogsrc/buildroot/* buildroot-2014.11/
cd buildroot-2014.11
mv fog.buildroot.config.32 .config # or config.64 for 64 bits

build FOG file system

# A chance to see what's inside the buildroot, and change options in a graphical UI :
make menuconfig
# This will download all the required packages from their sources, it's around 300 MB
make source
# All packages are now in buildroot-2014.11/dl/ So we compile.
# Go get some coffee, this takes a long time, depending on your config.
# Here is our init.xz
cp output/images/rootfs.ext2.xz ../init.xz
cd ..
copy init.xz to your FOG server /var/www/fog/service/ipxe/init_32.xz (or init.xz for 64 bits)