Dell PowerEdge R200

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Note: This article is older (year 2009), and has only had it's terminology updated to reflect current FOG terminology.

For this server several things have to be done to FOG for image capture and image deploy to work

  • Kernel 2.6.29 (included in FOG .26) apparently has a bug in its tg3 driver. See tg3 for details on the kernel to downgrade back to
  • On image deploy, I had to edit FOG's init.gz (see Modifying the Init Image for details) and add a "-m" option to the deploy section where partimage is called (edit bin/fog and scroll down towards the end of the script).
    For some reason, when the R200 PXE boots, it mounts the PXE filsystem root (init.gz) on /dev/sdb3, but also the drives to image to appear as /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc. Partimage thinks that the filesystem it's about to drop an image on is already mounted. Adding '-m' tells Partimage to not care if the filesystem is already mounted.

After these two tweaks I am able to image and deploy to about 20 R200 servers (running CentOS and RHEL version 5.3)