Fedora 21 Server

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Currently Under Construction! Expect an amazing article soon! Last modified: April 6th, 2015.

Notes... Fedora 21 server does not have a GUI. This guide, however, will guide you through installing FOG totally (with various setups).

lets see...

Prerequisites... Choosing a password for FOG user and root. Deciding where images will be stored.

Installing Fedora 21 server

configuring the /images directory (optional)

Formatting & mounting a 2nd drive (optional)

mounting a smb share/NAS (optional)

Installing SVN (required)

Updating Fedora (optional)

SSH'ing into your server (optional, but strongly recommended).

Static IP address.. yum install system-config-network cd /usr/bin ./system-config-network to setup a static ip address.

Disable firewall and SELinux.