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''' The Spammers Win '''
''' The Spammers Win '''
We can no longer keep up with the spam that is posted to this WIKI, so we have disabled account creation.  If you would like an account, please request one in our [http://www.fogproject.org/forum forums].   
We can no longer keep up with the spam that is posted to this WIKI, so we have disabled account creation.  If you would like an account, please request one in our [https://forums.fogproject.org forums].   

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Welcome to the FOG Wiki pages

FOG is a free, open source computer cloning solution and this wiki contains the bulk of documentation for the project. If you feel you have something to offer the documentation, please feel free to edit it. We just ask that you keep it in good taste.


The FOG Project Team

The Spammers Win

We can no longer keep up with the spam that is posted to this WIKI, so we have disabled account creation. If you would like an account, please request one in our forums.

Change Log

Version 1.2.0
* Fix GUI not loading if no nodes are in storage group.
* Fix FOGPageManager loading plugin class files properly.
* Fix foglang variable to be loaded before init so entire FOG system has
access to them.
* Fix multicast tasks to close through FOGMulticastManager rather than
* Fix configureNFS line to only update exports if it's not an update.
* Fix installer/upgrader to use values stored in .fogsettings if set.
* Fix client page so you don't have to be logged in to view it.
* Fix hwinfo and client node= links to operate properly.
* Fix installer to check for msyql-galera-server as is used for mysql-server
in CentOS 7.0
* Fix donate tasking completetion elements so systems reboot/shutdown as
needed when the time is met.
* Fix 100% usage of the disk in resizable images.  Percentages should not be
used and should never have been used to getin with.  It now uses the -1s
method to specify to the end of the disk.
* Add ftp file size checking.  All sizes are done through ftp now.
* Add size of byte filtering to get pretty size.
* Add $this->FOGUser to FOGPageManager and Hook to check if its set. This is
needed because FOGBase is loaded before FOGUser is actually established.
* Add postdownloadscripts to allow custom init scripts to be run after imaged.
* Add Windows 8/8.1 ability to image with resizable. BCD works with them too.
* Add SnapinJob to Host class.
* Add libtorrent and rtorrent to inits.
* Add beginning stages to allow split file images.
* Add hostname to kernel args as default.  Use hostearly variable sent if
HOSTNAME_EARLY is enabled and check against this to change hostname.
* Add ability for resizable image with Linux.  Thanks Curtis
* Add ability for resizable Multiboot systems, assuming Windows Parts are at
the start of the hard-drive. Thanks Curtis
* Add cabextract and libmspack to inits and source code for buildroot.
* Add product key changer to FOG.  NEEDS: client installer recompile.
* Add the ability to have "login" entries on items of the advanced menu.
* Update plugin hooks with system to check if they are enabled or not to
display their relevant menu/submenu items or other actions.
* Update ipxe/undionly tftp files to latest available.
* Update pigz operations to their own function in init.xz files and in
* Remove IMAGE_TRUST_CMD from ipxe/undionly to hopefully remove console
* Remove htmldoc/clamav from fedora/centos installer.  Reinserted after adding
Mageia support.
* Remove hooking from Mobile pages as it's already a limited section.
* Schema update to remove ssh client setting stuff and move FOG_SNAPINDIR to
FOG Snapin - Service category.
* Refine session closing/opening/regenerating data on GUI side.
* Refine service files particularly for snapins.
* Redirect users to index.php if they attempt to go to a node that doesn't
have a relevant class to work with.

Version 1.1.2

* Fix client updater so hash is returned properly.
* Fix client updater so files are downloaded properly.
* Fix installer functions so they upgrade/install properly.
* Fix bug in imageid setting for full host registration.
* Fix installer issues from moving commons/config.php to
* Fix Storage Node/Image Replicator so it only replicates to enabled nodes.
* Fix issue where invalid mac would still create Host with 0 ID in DB.
* Fix scheduled tasks so styles of 4,5,6 will work properly.
* Fix Group Host add so they are in their own forms.
* Fix BUG where redirect was in use to form element and having bad side
* Tweak/fix Mainmenu links so the calls can set multiple menu items.
* Change imageLegacy to imageFormat for future adjustments where needed.
* Adjust all 'legacy' image calls to 'format' and change db class for this.
* Group deployment only cares if uniform image for multicast not for all
* Add basic element for Access Control as plugin elements. (WIP)
* Add ability to adjust timeout values on login system or remove them
* Add Mageia to installer system.  ****THANKS CHUCK SITES****
* OU system is now a select box.  Documentation will follow, but in beta atm.
* Only Imaging Tasks require Images, not all tasks now.
* Hosts within group can now have image set within group from membership
* Schema and update of schema is it's own class.

Version 1.1.1

* Add xfs filesystem imaging support.
* Fix bug in Post_Stage3.php so task completetion happens properly.
* All MAC's are now objects of the MACAddress class.
* Add Win 8.1 OSID as drivers and such can be different from Win 8.
* Added snapcheck.php for hopeful transition to using init to stage snapins.
* Add multiple NIC MACs sent to find host.
* SVN Trunk versions now have SVN Rev for Version for better support.
* Fix Multicast Group issues.
* Fix changing image default group if there is no master node in the group.

Version 1.1.0

Release date: June 5th, 2014

* Hooks and Plugins are now able to work together.
* Hooks are autoloaded properly now.
* Plugins are autoloaded as well as their pages.
* All pages are now auto registered rather than being registered within their files.
* Added ability to QUICKREG elements to add system to a group.
* Added ability to add host to group during full registration.
* Moved Plugins from management/plugins to lib/plugins.
* Fixes for Printer Management and Client Updater
* Adds ability to image logical/extended partitions now.
* Fixes the location plugin.
* Install script now asks for mysql password.
* Install script waits for schema update to be performed.
* Kernel Updater from GUI fixed.
* undionly still in use, but provides multiple choices (undionly.kpxe, undionly.kkpxe, ipxe.pxe, ipxe.kpxe, ipxe.kkpxe) If one isn't working try another.  Most should have success with undionly.kpxe.  VirtualBox will work with any of the ipxe. files.
* Database backend no longer requires init.database.php.  Used modern methods to keep compatibility into the future.
* Change php required version.  We now require 5.3.0 or higher.
* Fix ReportManagementPage if image isn't set.
* Remove the recoverReports part as commented on installer script.  This because default reports are managed directly within the report page.
* Hooks are now fixed as they were broken in 1.0.1
* Fix group page so setting of kernel, kernelArgs, kernelDevice actually happens.
* Fix capone so strings sent for search operate as expected.
* Add's awaiting check wol to task scheduler.
* Fix grub hopefully.
* Updated init.xz/init_32.xz to buildroot-2014.05
* Fix image deletion to go off of pathname not imagename.
* Should have working undionly.kpxe now!
* Fix QUICKREG_SYS_NUM problem on auto/quick registration.

Version 1.0.0

Release date: May 13th, 2014

* Major GUI and usability updates
* Support for Windows 8
* PartImage has been deprecated.  The default imaging engine is now partclone (all partimage images are supported for deploying, but all newly uploaded images will be in the partclone image format)
* PXE/TFTP booting now uses iPXE
* Added support for GUID Partitioned disks
* Fixed issue with 2TB+ (with 4K sectors) devices not being able to be imaged
* Hostname checks in init.xz now truncate and verify if host already exists
* Added ability to add new groups from the group management
* Added ability to associate hosts (multiple) to groups from within group edit
* Added ability to associate groups (multiple) to a host from the host edit
* Added ability to associate hosts (multiple) to snapins from snapin page
* Added ability to associate snapins (multiple) to host from host edit
* Operating system was moved from the Host object to the Image object
* IP Address has been removed from the hosts section.
* Added ability to donate CPU time to mine cryptocurrency to be donated to the FOG Project during imaging tasks
* Added unpublished kernels
* Many other minor bugs fixes

Version 0.32

Release date: July 22nd, 2011

*Added ability to disable chkdsk after imaging (doesn't function with scheduled jobs)
*Added ability to change the computer's hostname from init.gz
*Remoted need for fogprep
*Installer now will attempt to install dhcp3-server if isc-dhcp-server doesn't exist
*Extended use of OO classes
*Fixed imaging listing overflow on manual registration
*Init now mounts NFS using TCP.
*Fixed issue: 3324065 - typo on snap in page
*Fixed issue: 3367423 - AD auto population issue with '/'

Version 0.31

Release date: Jun 20th, 2011

*New web UI (All thanks to Peter Gilchrist)
*Updated kernel version
*Added Spanish translation (Thanks Pablo J. Mayordomo García)
*Updated chntpw to version 110511
*Updated clamav to 0.97.1
*Fixed spelling error in Inventory report
*Fixed issue: 3157703 - disk space reporting (thanks Corey Edwards)
*Fixed issue: 3194588 - Spelling error in help dialog (thanks Nathan Lock)

Version 0.30

Release date: Feb 23th, 2011

*Rebuilt init image (ALL Thanks to Aaron Bergz!!!!) details below
**Converted to Busy Box
**Added detection for number of CPUs
**Parallel upload image compression 
**Added drive write cache check.

*Update memtest from 4.0 to 4.2
*Updated kernel to version 2.6.37 (core)
*Added kernel branch - core
*Added additional search fields to the host search from the inventory table
*Updated chntpass support to scan partitions looking for sam file

Version 0.29

Release date: May 25th, 2010

*Removed the need for etherwake, implemented WOL in php code.
*Fixed issue with upstart vs sysvinit with tftpd-hpa
*Fixed issue with scheduled tasks and Windows 7 failing
*Fixed program files path issue on FOG Service installer
*Updated AV Scan to check for a two partition setup with Windows 7
*Added Follow page to about
*Added silient install option for the FOG service
*Added Pending MAC address report
*Added DMI Information to the Client System Information pxe menu item
*Updated pxelinux.0 to version 3.86 and added memdisk
*Got Capone ready for production use.
*Updated dmidecode from 2.7 to 2.9
*Updated Memtest86+ to 4.0
*Updated device IDS (pci.ids)
*Updated ClamAV to version 0.96-exp
*Added ability for ClamAV to scan rars
*ClamAV now caches virus defs. on the server.
*Updated photorec and testdisk to 6.11.3
*Added Host Status (basic ping)
*Fixed background image streching issue on Login History Image.
*Added Chinese (Simplified) translation
*Added FOG Prep for Windows 7 image upload
*Added Italian translations
*Added internationalization support (Thanks Luca Berton!)
*Changed to a sprite for the menu bar (Thanks John Deery!)
*Removed dependency "libmd5-perl" from installation as it is not needed.
*Upgraded jpggraph to version 3.0.7
*Removed ereg functions and replaced with preg_match as they are deprecated in php 5.3.x+
*Fixed bug (2882606) spelling error on Loan Form. Thanks neodawg
*Applied patch (2886212) to allow Quick registration to set default values. Thanks Andrew Single
*Fixed mkswap issue (2962069) Thanks Acacha
*Cleaned up the Kernel Updater
*Updated kernel to
*Added ability to search for hosts by additional macs
*Added MAC Manufacturer Lookup
*Multiple MAC address support
*changed hostname changer to use unmanaged code to (un)join domain
*Network bandwidth graph should no longer flicker
*Started migration to OO API

Version 0.28

Release date: September 28th, 2009

*Updated Kernel to version
*Fixed issue with multicasting a mutli-part image for windows 7
*Added ajax based active task listing
*Added nombr kernel option which will not blow away mbr (Thanks Line Noise)
*If storage node MAX_CLIENTS is set to 0, it is no longer a random candidate.
*Updated syslinux to version 3.82
*Added client information to pxe menu.
*Installation script checks if it is being run as root.
*Fixed tftp installation to NOT overwrite customizations.
*Fixed HD information on hardware info page (2857507).
*Added ability to add custom PXE menu items.
*Decreased loading time for login page.
*Fixed typo in tasks.advanced.include.php
*Replaced append argument "quiet" with loglevel=4
*Added Hidden Menu option to PXE Menu builder
*Added primary group to host quick info section. (Thanks sam wilson)

Version 0.27

Release date: July 15th, 2009

*Added support for Windows 7
*Added Scheduled Task Support
*Fixed Fedora 11 issue where apache would fail to start.
*Fixed to support Fedora 11 change of dhcpd configuration file
*Fixed Ubuntu services to terminate more gracefully.
*Fixed issue with installer not configuring services correctly
*Updated syslinux tools 3.81
*Added web based log viewer
*Updated Kernel to version
*Allowed Kernel updater to specifiy a alternate file name.
*Changed default username for password reset to "Administrator" from "administrator" thanks schmalenegger
*Fixed spelling error in fog script (2629489)
*Fixed bug (2669367) for use of mysql_real_escape_string before a connection was defined, thanks schmalenegger
*Applied patch (2654529) , thanks schmalenegger
*Applied patch (2767897), thanks Matthew Fusaro
*Set PXE timeout value to save in db (2654680), thanks schmalenegger
*Added proxy support to web UI (2716741), thanks schmalenegger
*Added pci.ids so lspci will give usefull description.
*Changed ascii logo.
*Added auto-populate of image file name for new image files.

Version 0.26

Release date: February 27, 2009

*Added Quick Image Function
*Added advanced tasks to host -> basic tasks page
*Updated kernel to
*Applied patch (2616743) from schmalenegger adding keymap to default pxe boot file
*Applied patch (2537449) from schmalenegger fixing the getIPAddress for non-english installs.
*Applied patch (2512766) from schmalenegger fixing spelling errors in hosts.edit.include.php
*Added Windows 7 to supported OS List (Do not yet use, not functional!)
*Added Windows Password reset tool.
*Added Windows Password reset script for debug mode (no task needed)

Version 0.25 
Release date: January 13, 2009

* Updated capone to (hopefully) work with storage nodes. 
* Updated kernel to 2.6.28 
* Changed Image tmp directory to no longer include colons. 
* Slight improvements to mutliple partition support 
* Fixed possible premature exit of loop in service functions file. (Thanks Pierre Rognant) 
* Added default page display option. 
* Added config setting for ssh username. 
* Added config setting for ssh port number. 
* Fixed Disk Information on Dashboard. 
* Allow for viewing disk information of storage nodes 
* Fixed Image Log/Report 
* Fixed ??? forcing of a task. 

Version 0.24

Release date: December 1, 2008

* Added Storage Group framework.
* Added SSH Java Client
* Added task stats for unicast transfers to the active tasks page.
* Added Image ID to image listing
* Upgraded memtest86+ to 2.10
* Used modifed partimage to allow printing status to stderr.
* Fixed error thrown when partition is already resized to correct size during upload.
* Fixed issue with blank hard disk detection
* Updated functions.include.php to include better error message for upload task creation failures.

Known Issues
* Capone not yet updated, if you are using admin plugin, *capone*, DON'T UPDATE TO THIS VERSION!

Version 0.23

Release date: October 27, 2008

* Fixed wipe tasks' kernel argument issue
* (2076993) Added option to add computer to domain from fog.reginput
* (2089168) Fixed quotes in snapin args.
* Added nicer error on IE's failing to display disk information.
* Added icon on task page to signify is task is active on host
* Minor Updates to Module capone (Thanks: Peter Sykes)
* Updated Kernel to 2.6.27

Version 0.22

Release date: September 24, 2008

* Change client modules to unmanaged shutdown/reboot methods: TaskReboot, AutoLogout, GreenFog
* Update PrinterManager to support Windows Shared Style Printers (Thanks: elishughes)
* Updated ClamAv to version 0.94
* Updated MemTest86+ to Version 2.01
* Added option to force device for hard disk per host.
* Added option to specify alternative kernel per host.
* (2078165) Improved ajax script that displays remaining disk space.
* Added option to set timeout on pxe menu builder.
* (2085281) Incorrect error message on PXEMENU page.
* (2100818) Fixed default populations of AD information.
* Improved MulticastTask.class.php added --max-wait param (Thanks: mikrorechner)
* Improved MulticastTask.class.php to support missing part (Thanks: mikrorechner)
* Updated Kernel to
* Added Equipment Loan Report
* Added Capone (client specific extension)
* Added Plugin System
* (2078618) Fixed wol.php to function on ubuntu (thanks: Phil G)
* (2063135) Fixed Stale tasks after removal of host. (thanks: Mark Featherston)

Version 0.21

Release date: August 22, 2008

* Added FOG Mobile Portal
* modified user to include mobile account type
* Changed mac address field in new host screen to parse mac address
* Added graphical pxe boot as default
* Added PXE Boot Menu configuration options

Version 0.20

Release date: August 18, 2008

* Added default values for AD support in fog settings section.
* Changed service installer image
* Removed brownbark theme
* Added ability to delete large number of hosts via groups.
* (2043261) PXELinux.0 updated to version 3.71
* Add ability to sort tables a few sections.
* Added retry to set default printer in printer manager
* Updated remaining modules to now check server for status.
* Fixed: On host service module update, screen resolution would be set to disabled (0,0,0)
* Changed login form to track logins on new server as well as current server.
* Updated kernel 2.6.26
* (2025167) Fixed update process when default md5 sum is not used.
* Added very basic update script.

Version 0.19

Release date: July 21, 2008

* (2002771) Fixed installtion of dhcp, when user selects not to use fog for dhcpd.
* Improved installer for faster upgrades.
* Added redirect page in web root, if a file doesn't exist.
* (2021536) Fixed force task issue.
* (1992895) Added Date/Time to image listing
* Modified service modules to handle delayed connections.
* Added kernel argument per host.
* Added global kernel argument setting.
* Minor interface improvements.
* Fixed: PrinterManager user state error, where new user logins not detected.

Version 0.18

Release date: June 25, 2008

* Fixed: Image IDs not showing up in IE7
* (1991304) Fixed: Turned off Magic Quotes at runtime.
* Removed shutdown option from wake on lan task, for obvious reasons.
* (2001844) Fixed: Fixed PhotoRec
* (1998697) Added: --no-htmldoc option to fog installer
* (1997803) Fixed dd error during file upload. (Patched by Elis Hughes)
* Added grub/swap support to Linux multiple partition support (Patched by elishughes)

Version 0.17

Release date: June 19, 2008

* Updated installer to remove tftpboot.fogbackup if it exists
* Added image listing and os listing to for.reginput
* Added Snapin Log Report
* Added return code on snapin installations. (Patched by Stonekeeper)
* Added ability to deploy msi/headless executables snapins.
* Added logging/reporting of unicast image tasks (Patched by Stonekeeper)
* Added delay to PrinterManager, DisplayManager & UserTracker to account for slow logins
* (1990265) Fixed race conditions with multicast manager; starting invalid number of clients (Patched by Dan Fego)
* Fixed Post_Wipe.php to user new database settings (Patched by Stonekeeper)

Version 0.16

Release date: June 9, 2008

* Fixed problem with restarting of FOG service installer when a module is disabled.
* Fixed CSS on Floating Alert Box for IE7 to position the OK button correctly on the form
* (1977697)Fixed Inability to link a printer to a host/group under ie7.
* Fixed Floating Alert Box to now move above menu bar in Firefox 3.0
* Added make to package list to better support fedora 9
* Added Poweroff support to kernel via ACPI and APM
* Update Kernel to 2.6.25-4
* Added keymap support for alt. keyboard layouts
* Added debug module to output various information to the log
* Added User Cleanup Module
* Added Directory Cleaning module
* Added Auto Log Off module
* (1967052) Added work around for schema installer when database already exists.
* Added table globalSettings, moduleStatusByHost, and a few others
* Updated schema version to 9
* Updated FOG_Printer_Manager module to allow access to the named pipes from non-admin users.
* Added "--no-upgrade" option to fog installer
* Added Easy Update to make upgrading from version to version easier in the future.
* Added FOG Settings page to the "other information" section of fog management.
* Added option to make page animations optional.
* (1940447) Fixed Password validation issue.
* Cleaned up the task confirmation page.

Version 0.15

Release date: April 18, 2008

* Fixed - Deploy all snapins to group.
* Added FTP connection information for NFS server
* Fixed user tracker report to include host.
* Updated kernel with atl2 patch 2.04
* Fixed dd issue introduced in version 0.14

Version 0.14

Release date: April 8, 2008

* Added basic multiple partition support
* Improved installer with default values
* (1920830) After host removal, all tasks linked with host are deleted.
* Modified S01reboot in boot image to disable saving of random seed
* Added fogpartinfo binary to boot image for better disk detection
* Added 3 new operating systems to the support OS table.
* Added basic backup utility.
* Added ability to replace an existing snapin file.

Known/Outstanding Issues
* Percentage reported by multipartition multicast session is incorrect.
* Multipartition has issues with grub.  
* Multipartition will not work with extended partitions.

Version 0.13

Release date: March 21, 2008

* Made installer language independent
* Made DHCP startup optional
* Added build-essential to the ubuntu install list
* Added FOG Tray Icon
* Changed TaskReboot to optionally reboot with user logged in

Version 0.12

Release date: March 4, 2008

* Added Hardware Inventory Task
* Added Printer Installation Service Module
* Added User Tracking Service Module
* Added FOG Reporting
* Added Enhanced Registration Method
* Added Client FOG Service Updater
* Feature Request #1902517 - Change FOG upload behavior to include removal of Page File and Hibernate file.
* Added Basic Tasks to Host management screen
* Added Login History to the Host management screen
* Added Hardware Inventory to host management screen
* Added printer management to host management screen
* Updated Kernel to 2.6.25-rc3
* Fix # 1901545 - Add insecure option to all exports
* Fix # 1892693 - New user passwords only characters
* Added HTMLDoc to list of install packages
* Added 3 sec pause to pxe boot
* Added pxe boot option fog.memtest
* Added pxe boot option fog.reg
* Added pxe boot option fog.reginput
* Updated Partprobe to 1.8.6
* Put a freeze on changes to AbstartFOGService.dll
* Put a freeze on changes to FOGService.exe

  Known Issues
* Setting of default printer is currently not functional.

Version 0.11

* Cleaned up group removal page.
* Cleaned up user removal page.
* Fixed CSS on footer
* Moved delete button to the bottom of the group edit page to keep a consistant look and feel.
* Added FUSE to the kernel
* Added ClamAV to the boot image
* Added Virus History to the Host Edit pages
* Added Virus Summary to Information Section
* Feature Request #1886328: Added insecure option to exports

Version 0.10

* Fix #1881264: GPT/MSDOS MBR Error
* Added client kernel updater 
* Branched to two kernel types: kitchensink and skinny
* Added FOG version and estimated users to login screen.
* Added DNS and router configuration to the installation script.
* Added interface configuration to the installation script.
* Added DD disk imaging support.
* Updated schema to version 5.

Version 0.09

* Added Multicast support using UDPCast
* Added FOGMulticastManager service
* Feature Request #1860234: Added "List all Hosts" to hosts section
* Feature Request #1860774: Added ability to modify all the oses for a group
	- Thanks bjornan
* Added unmanaged api call to reboot client in FOG service
* Added Search to Groups section of FOG Management
* Added Search to Images section of FOG Management

Version 0.08
* Fix #1843328: changed constant()'s to define()'s in functions.include.php
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #1845874: fixed image by group problem.
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #1848708: Replaced hardcoded image directory with STORAGE_DATADIR
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #1850687: WOL enhancement merged.
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #1850700: Hardcoded webroot in dashboard.include.php
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #1850854: hardcoded dns server in intrd & tmp cleanup
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #N/A:     Fixed capital Y/N response in installer returning: "Invalid repsonse"

* Added Ubuntu installer support
* Added Snapin support
* Added Snapin subservice
* Added domain registration
* Added patition resize percent to config.php
* Added advanced option Send without Snapins
* Added advanced option Deploy Snapins
* Added advanced option Deploy sinlge snapin
* Changed function getNumberOfTasks to not include orphaned tasks
* Updated jpgraph to version 2.3
* updated db schema to version 3

Version 0.07
* Changed default theme from BrownBark to BlackEye.
* Added theme option to config file.
* Added Fast Disk wipe.
* Added Disk Surface test.
* Updated Linux Kernel to
* Removed Kernel module support.
* Removed Kernel swap disk support.
* Added ramdisk size option to config file.
* Added GUI support to the FOG Service.
* Added graphical config to the FOG Service.
* Added Task Reboot sub service.
* Changed IP address from a mandatory to optional field.
* Modified host upload making IP address optional here too.
* Added ability to delete image files from web GUI.

Version 0.06
* Fixed Upload Resize Bug.
* Added CSV host import
* Added Vista support to hostname change module.
* Added Host Registration module with XP and Vista support
* Corrected join in Active Tasks page

Version 0.05
* Added memtest86+
* Added testdisk
* Added photorec
* Cleaned up GUI a little
* Added AJAX bandwidth monitor
* Added AJAX HD monitor

Version 0.04
* Added advanced boot options

Version 0.03
* Added Windows Vista Support^
* Added vista MBR to boot image
* Added FOGVistaMbr Fix application to image
* Added xxd to the image
* updated ntfsutils to version 2.0
* updated db schema to version 2
* Added url to download the client installation package

Bug Fixes
* Added alternate method to detect hard disks, which
  will detect a disk that has not partition on it.
* Fixed sudo to allow apache to run etherwake.
^  In order for vista to work, the following commands
   must be run as administrator BEFORE uploading the image.
bcdedit /set {bootmgr} device boot
bcdedit /set {default} device boot
bcdedit /set {default} osdevice boot   

Version 0.02
* Moved user config settings from the main install script to lib/config.sh
* Cleaned up Kernel and included new .config file
* added installation notification
* added fog service with hostname changer
* minor bug fixes

Version 0.01
Initial Product Release