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The UDPCast repository that FOG depends on is out of date. It needs to be updated before installation can continue.

From this forum thread: http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/setting-up-and-starting-mysql-failed-fog_0-32-on-ubuntu-13-10-32bit.9936/

To fix udpcast. Go to the location on the extracted fog folder:

ex /home/server/Desktop/fog_0.32/

Open command prompt and issue the following commands:

   cd packages
   wget https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/trunk/packages/udpcast-20120424.tar.gz
   rm -f udpcast-20071228.tar.gz
   sed -i 's/udpcastout="udpcast-20071228"/udpcastout="udpcast-20120424"/' ../lib/common/config.sh
   sed -i 's/udpcastsrc="../packages/udpcast-20071228.tar.gz"/udpcastsrc="../packages/udpcast-20120424.tar.gz"/' ../lib/common/config.sh
   cd ../bin

Now issue the build command


Alternative Installation

If the above sed commands fail to execute, you can manually edit the config.sh file located in the fog_0.32/lib/common folder.

    sudo gedit <path to file>/home/server/Desktop/fog_0.32/lib/common/config.sh

edit the following lines to reflect the new file:


save and close.

Now issue the build command