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Upgrade Procedure

NOTE: 1.0.0 is a, nearly, complete rewrite from previous versions of FOG. There are many changes and upgrading from past revisions is not recommended. It is still possible, but it is HIGHLY recommended to do a fresh install.

There is no guarantee that this method is going to work 100% of the time in all cases. Please see the above note as to why if you're worried.

All commands are assumed to be run as root. If you don't have access to root, prepend the installation with sudo (ex.

sudo svn co https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/trunk /opt/fog_1.0.0
sudo ./installfog.sh


  1. Get the source or tarball.
    • To get the Source from SVN
    • svn co https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/tags/1.0.0 /opt/fog_1.0.0
    • To get tarball file.
    • wget https://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/freeghost/FOG/fog_1.0.0/fog_1.0.0.tar.gz/download

Prepare for install

  1. Change to the downloaded source installation folder.
    • cd /opt/fog_1.0.0/bin
  2. Begin as if you're installing.
    • ./installfog.sh
  3. Confirm you want to upgrade using the .fogsettings UNLESS YOU HAVE TO MAKE CHANGES

Clean out the old

  1. Sign into the FOG GUI
    • Go to the link you normally go to and you should notice the upgrade/install database screen.
    • Click the submit button and it should move on to say, Click here to login, once complete.
    • Sign in with your normal user and password.
  2. Make necessary adjustments.
    • As the hostOS column has been moved to the images table rather than the hosts table, you need to specify the Operating system of the images currently on your system.
    • To do so, login to the FOG GUI and navigate to the Image Management Page. Click on each of your images and set the OSID accordingly.
  3. You will need adjust tftp values.
    • Login to the FOG GUI and navigate to FOG Configuration Page.
    • Click the FOG Settings link on the left hand side of the screen.
    • Select the TFTP Server heading on this page.
    • Change values accoringly:
    • FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD <fog user password>
    • FOG_TFTP_PXE_CONFIG_DIR <make it blank>
    • FOG_TFTP_PXE_KERNEL_DIR /var/www/<FOGFOLDERLOCATION>/service/ipxe/
    • FOG_PXE_BOOT_IMAGE init.xz
    • FOG_TFTP_PXE_KERNEL_32 bzImage32
    • FOG_PXE_BOOT_IMAGE_32 init_32.xz


You should now have an UPGRADED FOG server that will be able to perform all the tasks we've all come to know and love.