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Version 0.28

Release date: September 28th, 2009

*Updated Kernel to version
*Fixed issue with multicasting a mutli-part image for windows 7
*Added ajax based active task listing
*Added nombr kernel option which will not blow away mbr (Thanks Line Noise)
*If storage node MAX_CLIENTS is set to 0, it is no longer a random candidate.
*Updated syslinux to version 3.82
*Added client information to pxe menu.
*Installation script checks if it is being run as root.
*Fixed tftp installation to NOT overwrite customizations.
*Fixed HD information on hardware info page (2857507).
*Added ability to add custom PXE menu items.
*Decreased loading time for login page.
*Fixed typo in tasks.advanced.include.php
*Replaced append argument "quiet" with loglevel=4
*Added Hidden Menu option to PXE Menu builder
*Added primary group to host quick info section. (Thanks sam wilson)

Version 0.27

Release date: July 15th, 2009

*Added support for Windows 7
*Added Scheduled Task Support
*Fixed Fedora 11 issue where apache would fail to start.
*Fixed to support Fedora 11 change of dhcpd configuration file
*Fixed Ubuntu services to terminate more gracefully.
*Fixed issue with installer not configuring services correctly
*Updated syslinux tools 3.81
*Added web based log viewer
*Updated Kernel to version
*Allowed Kernel updater to specifiy a alternate file name.
*Changed default username for password reset to "Administrator" from "administrator" thanks schmalenegger
*Fixed spelling error in fog script (2629489)
*Fixed bug (2669367) for use of mysql_real_escape_string before a connection was defined, thanks schmalenegger
*Applied patch (2654529) , thanks schmalenegger
*Applied patch (2767897), thanks Matthew Fusaro
*Set PXE timeout value to save in db (2654680), thanks schmalenegger
*Added proxy support to web UI (2716741), thanks schmalenegger
*Added pci.ids so lspci will give usefull description.
*Changed ascii logo.
*Added auto-populate of image file name for new image files.

Version 0.26

Release date: February 27, 2009

*Added Quick Image Function
*Added advanced tasks to host -> basic tasks page
*Updated kernel to
*Applied patch (2616743) from schmalenegger adding keymap to default pxe boot file
*Applied patch (2537449) from schmalenegger fixing the getIPAddress for non-english installs.
*Applied patch (2512766) from schmalenegger fixing spelling errors in hosts.edit.include.php
*Added Windows 7 to supported OS List (Do not yet use, not functional!)
*Added Windows Password reset tool.
*Added Windows Password reset script for debug mode (no task needed)

Version 0.25 
Release date: January 13, 2009

* Updated capone to (hopefully) work with storage nodes. 
* Updated kernel to 2.6.28 
* Changed Image tmp directory to no longer include colons. 
* Slight improvements to mutliple partition support 
* Fixed possible premature exit of loop in service functions file. (Thanks Pierre Rognant) 
* Added default page display option. 
* Added config setting for ssh username. 
* Added config setting for ssh port number. 
* Fixed Disk Information on Dashboard. 
* Allow for viewing disk information of storage nodes 
* Fixed Image Log/Report 
* Fixed ??? forcing of a task. 

Version 0.24

Release date: December 1, 2008

* Added Storage Group framework.
* Added SSH Java Client
* Added task stats for unicast transfers to the active tasks page.
* Added Image ID to image listing
* Upgraded memtest86+ to 2.10
* Used modifed partimage to allow printing status to stderr.
* Fixed error thrown when partition is already resized to correct size during capture.
* Fixed issue with blank hard disk detection
* Updated functions.include.php to include better error message for capture task creation failures.

Known Issues
* Capone not yet updated, if you are using admin plugin, *capone*, DON'T UPDATE TO THIS VERSION!

Version 0.23

Release date: October 27, 2008

* Fixed wipe tasks' kernel argument issue
* (2076993) Added option to add computer to domain from fog.reginput
* (2089168) Fixed quotes in snapin args.
* Added nicer error on IE's failing to display disk information.
* Added icon on task page to signify is task is active on host
* Minor Updates to Module capone (Thanks: Peter Sykes)
* Updated Kernel to 2.6.27

Version 0.22

Release date: September 24, 2008

* Change client modules to unmanaged shutdown/reboot methods: TaskReboot, AutoLogout, GreenFog
* Update PrinterManager to support Windows Shared Style Printers (Thanks: elishughes)
* Updated ClamAv to version 0.94
* Updated MemTest86+ to Version 2.01
* Added option to force device for hard disk per host.
* Added option to specify alternative kernel per host.
* (2078165) Improved ajax script that displays remaining disk space.
* Added option to set timeout on pxe menu builder.
* (2085281) Incorrect error message on PXEMENU page.
* (2100818) Fixed default populations of AD information.
* Improved MulticastTask.class.php added --max-wait param (Thanks: mikrorechner)
* Improved MulticastTask.class.php to support missing part (Thanks: mikrorechner)
* Updated Kernel to
* Added Equipment Loan Report
* Added Capone (client specific extension)
* Added Plugin System
* (2078618) Fixed wol.php to function on ubuntu (thanks: Phil G)
* (2063135) Fixed Stale tasks after removal of host. (thanks: Mark Featherston)

Version 0.21

Release date: August 22, 2008

* Added FOG Mobile Portal
* modified user to include mobile account type
* Changed mac address field in new host screen to parse mac address
* Added graphical pxe boot as default
* Added PXE Boot Menu configuration options

Version 0.20

Release date: August 18, 2008

* Added default values for AD support in fog settings section.
* Changed service installer image
* Removed brownbark theme
* Added ability to delete large number of hosts via groups.
* (2043261) PXELinux.0 updated to version 3.71
* Add ability to sort tables a few sections.
* Added retry to set default printer in printer manager
* Updated remaining modules to now check server for status.
* Fixed: On host service module update, screen resolution would be set to disabled (0,0,0)
* Changed login form to track logins on new server as well as current server.
* Updated kernel 2.6.26
* (2025167) Fixed update process when default md5 sum is not used.
* Added very basic update script.

Version 0.19

Release date: July 21, 2008

* (2002771) Fixed installtion of dhcp, when user selects not to use fog for dhcpd.
* Improved installer for faster upgrades.
* Added redirect page in web root, if a file doesn't exist.
* (2021536) Fixed force task issue.
* (1992895) Added Date/Time to image listing
* Modified service modules to handle delayed connections.
* Added kernel argument per host.
* Added global kernel argument setting.
* Minor interface improvements.
* Fixed: PrinterManager user state error, where new user logins not detected.

Version 0.18

Release date: June 25, 2008

* Fixed: Image IDs not showing up in IE7
* (1991304) Fixed: Turned off Magic Quotes at runtime.
* Removed shutdown option from wake on lan task, for obvious reasons.
* (2001844) Fixed: Fixed PhotoRec
* (1998697) Added: --no-htmldoc option to fog installer
* (1997803) Fixed dd error during file capture. (Patched by Elis Hughes)
* Added grub/swap support to Linux multiple partition support (Patched by elishughes)

Version 0.17

Release date: June 19, 2008

* Updated installer to remove tftpboot.fogbackup if it exists
* Added image listing and os listing to for.reginput
* Added Snapin Log Report
* Added return code on snapin installations. (Patched by Stonekeeper)
* Added ability to deploy msi/headless executables snapins.
* Added logging/reporting of unicast image tasks (Patched by Stonekeeper)
* Added delay to PrinterManager, DisplayManager & UserTracker to account for slow logins
* (1990265) Fixed race conditions with multicast manager; starting invalid number of clients (Patched by Dan Fego)
* Fixed Post_Wipe.php to user new database settings (Patched by Stonekeeper)

Version 0.16

Release date: June 9, 2008

* Fixed problem with restarting of FOG service installer when a module is disabled.
* Fixed CSS on Floating Alert Box for IE7 to position the OK button correctly on the form
* (1977697)Fixed Inability to link a printer to a host/group under ie7.
* Fixed Floating Alert Box to now move above menu bar in Firefox 3.0
* Added make to package list to better support fedora 9
* Added Poweroff support to kernel via ACPI and APM
* Update Kernel to 2.6.25-4
* Added keymap support for alt. keyboard layouts
* Added debug module to output various information to the log
* Added User Cleanup Module
* Added Directory Cleaning module
* Added Auto Log Off module
* (1967052) Added work around for schema installer when database already exists.
* Added table globalSettings, moduleStatusByHost, and a few others
* Updated schema version to 9
* Updated FOG_Printer_Manager module to allow access to the named pipes from non-admin users.
* Added "--no-upgrade" option to fog installer
* Added Easy Update to make upgrading from version to version easier in the future.
* Added FOG Settings page to the "other information" section of fog management.
* Added option to make page animations optional.
* (1940447) Fixed Password validation issue.
* Cleaned up the task confirmation page.

Version 0.15

Release date: April 18, 2008

* Fixed - Deploy all snapins to group.
* Added FTP connection information for NFS server
* Fixed user tracker report to include host.
* Updated kernel with atl2 patch 2.04
* Fixed dd issue introduced in version 0.14

Version 0.14

Release date: April 8, 2008

* Added basic multiple partition support
* Improved installer with default values
* (1920830) After host removal, all tasks linked with host are deleted.
* Modified S01reboot in boot image to disable saving of random seed
* Added fogpartinfo binary to boot image for better disk detection
* Added 3 new operating systems to the support OS table.
* Added basic backup utility.
* Added ability to replace an existing snapin file.

Known/Outstanding Issues
* Percentage reported by multipartition multicast session is incorrect.
* Multipartition has issues with grub.  
* Multipartition will not work with extended partitions.

Version 0.13

Release date: March 21, 2008

* Made installer language independent
* Made DHCP startup optional
* Added build-essential to the ubuntu install list
* Added FOG Tray Icon
* Changed TaskReboot to optionally reboot with user logged in

Version 0.12

Release date: March 4, 2008

* Added Hardware Inventory Task
* Added Printer Installation Service Module
* Added User Tracking Service Module
* Added FOG Reporting
* Added Enhanced Registration Method
* Added Client FOG Service Updater
* Feature Request #1902517 - Change FOG capture behavior to include removal of Page File and Hibernate file.
* Added Basic Tasks to Host management screen
* Added Login History to the Host management screen
* Added Hardware Inventory to host management screen
* Added printer management to host management screen
* Updated Kernel to 2.6.25-rc3
* Fix # 1901545 - Add insecure option to all exports
* Fix # 1892693 - New user passwords only characters
* Added HTMLDoc to list of install packages
* Added 3 sec pause to pxe boot
* Added pxe boot option fog.memtest
* Added pxe boot option fog.reg
* Added pxe boot option fog.reginput
* Updated Partprobe to 1.8.6
* Put a freeze on changes to AbstartFOGService.dll
* Put a freeze on changes to FOGService.exe

  Known Issues
* Setting of default printer is currently not functional.

Version 0.11

* Cleaned up group removal page.
* Cleaned up user removal page.
* Fixed CSS on footer
* Moved delete button to the bottom of the group edit page to keep a consistant look and feel.
* Added FUSE to the kernel
* Added ClamAV to the boot image
* Added Virus History to the Host Edit pages
* Added Virus Summary to Information Section
* Feature Request #1886328: Added insecure option to exports

Version 0.10

* Fix #1881264: GPT/MSDOS MBR Error
* Added client kernel updater 
* Branched to two kernel types: kitchensink and skinny
* Added FOG version and estimated users to login screen.
* Added DNS and router configuration to the installation script.
* Added interface configuration to the installation script.
* Added DD disk imaging support.
* Updated schema to version 5.

Version 0.09

* Added Multicast support using UDPCast
* Added FOGMulticastManager service
* Feature Request #1860234: Added "List all Hosts" to hosts section
* Feature Request #1860774: Added ability to modify all the oses for a group
	- Thanks bjornan
* Added unmanaged api call to reboot client in FOG service
* Added Search to Groups section of FOG Management
* Added Search to Images section of FOG Management

Version 0.08
* Fix #1843328: changed constant()'s to define()'s in functions.include.php
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #1845874: fixed image by group problem.
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #1848708: Replaced hardcoded image directory with STORAGE_DATADIR
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #1850687: WOL enhancement merged.
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #1850700: Hardcoded webroot in dashboard.include.php
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #1850854: hardcoded dns server in intrd & tmp cleanup
	- Thanks Gabor Halasz
* Fix #N/A:     Fixed capital Y/N response in installer returning: "Invalid repsonse"

* Added Ubuntu installer support
* Added Snapin support
* Added Snapin subservice
* Added domain registration
* Added patition resize percent to config.php
* Added advanced option Send without Snapins
* Added advanced option Deploy Snapins
* Added advanced option Deploy sinlge snapin
* Changed function getNumberOfTasks to not include orphaned tasks
* Updated jpgraph to version 2.3
* updated db schema to version 3

Version 0.07
* Changed default theme from BrownBark to BlackEye.
* Added theme option to config file.
* Added Fast Disk wipe.
* Added Disk Surface test.
* Updated Linux Kernel to
* Removed Kernel module support.
* Removed Kernel swap disk support.
* Added ramdisk size option to config file.
* Added GUI support to the FOG Service.
* Added graphical config to the FOG Service.
* Added Task Reboot sub service.
* Changed IP address from a mandatory to optional field.
* Modified host capture making IP address optional here too.
* Added ability to delete image files from web GUI.

Version 0.06
* Fixed capture Resize Bug.
* Added CSV host import
* Added Vista support to hostname change module.
* Added Host Registration module with XP and Vista support
* Corrected join in Active Tasks page

Version 0.05
* Added memtest86+
* Added testdisk
* Added photorec
* Cleaned up GUI a little
* Added AJAX bandwidth monitor
* Added AJAX HD monitor

Version 0.04
* Added advanced boot options

Version 0.03
* Added Windows Vista Support^
* Added vista MBR to boot image
* Added FOGVistaMbr Fix application to image
* Added xxd to the image
* updated ntfsutils to version 2.0
* updated db schema to version 2
* Added url to download the client installation package

Bug Fixes
* Added alternate method to detect hard disks, which
  will detect a disk that has not partition on it.
* Fixed sudo to allow apache to run etherwake.
^  In order for vista to work, the following commands
   must be run as administrator BEFORE capturing the image.
bcdedit /set {bootmgr} device boot
bcdedit /set {default} device boot
bcdedit /set {default} osdevice boot   

Version 0.02
* Moved user config settings from the main install script to lib/
* Cleaned up Kernel and included new .config file
* added installation notification
* added fog service with hostname changer
* minor bug fixes

Version 0.01
Initial Product Release