Dashboard Error: Permission denied...

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I am getting the following error on the dashboard:

Permission denied to call method XMLHttpRequest.open

The cause of this error is the security built into Firefox, which doesn't allow for ajax calls across domains. If you are running FOG on a single machine then don't use http://localhost/fog; instead use http://[ipaddress_of_server]/fog.


Refering to the raw IP address of something that uses AJAX by only IP is a crazy and insane idea...plus kills using Virtual Hosting. You should be a good sysadmin and configure a DNS entry for your FOG server and amend 'WEB_HOST' and 'STORAGE_HOST' (should do no harm to amend 'STORAGE_HOST', it should not be used by the AJAX system to pull in data from the webserver) in '/var/www/html/fog/common/config.php' from the IP address to the DNS name you are using.