Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook

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Note: This article is older (year 2010), and has only had it's terminology updated to reflect current FOG terminology.

Image capture appears fine.When deploying the network bandwidth drops at 34% of the install but, the process will complete. When the computer restarts - Windows\System32\Config\System Error

UPDATE ON LAT 2100: After problems mentioned above, also getting BSOD on startup. Change BIOS settings for SATA to IDE, completely reinstall windows using Dell provided disks and an external usb dvd drive, repartition hard drive using Windows XP Setup, format as NTFS, complete the install. Load all drivers. REMOVE OLD FOG IMAGE, CREATE A NEW ONE. Captured and deployed image in 15 minutes.

[My Solution with Dell 2110] Followed the original poster's instructions after having BSOD's after re-image. I even went back to our previous Novell Zenworks imaging system and received the same results. So my belief is that the original Dell image is somehow corrupt and this is not a FOG issue. I reformatted the drive as a single partition, removing the Dell Utility partition. Installed a minimum XP for testing after switching hard disk type in BIOS from ACHI to ATA. Successfully captured and deployed a bootable image. I then repeated the same process only switching the hard disk type back to the default and successfully re-imaged a bootable system.