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Read First

  • If you have a multi-node setup, they all need to be on the same version of FOG. Start by updating the master/web server, then update all your nodes.
  • If updating a VM, snapshot/checkpoint it first.
  • If updating, backup your database first via: Web GUI -> FOG Configuration -> Configuration Save -> Export Database -> Export

FOG has branches

What's a branch? In development terms, a branch is different states of the code. The developers of FOG keep the latest stable version in the master branch. Release candidates are kept in dev-branch and often you will be asked to try this branch to overcome some problem. The latest changes to FOG are kept in the working branch. These latest changes may have broken something but generally the working branch is workable.

Installing GIT

The preferred method of getting FOG is via GIT. Read about git here. First you'll need to install git onto your chosen Linux server. There's a couple ways to do this below.

Install GIT on Debian or Ubuntu

sudo -i
apt-get -y install git

Install GIT on CentOS 7 or RHEL 7

sudo -i
yum -y install git

Install GIT on CentOS 8, RHEL 8, or Fedora

sudo -i
dnf -y install git

Getting FOG

Now that GIT is installed, you should be able to clone the FOG repository. Generally we recommend to put the repository inside of /root but if you've done this sort of thing before, put it wherever you want. Here's how we clone FOG:

sudo -i
cd /root
git clone
cd fogproject

Using the desired FOG branch

If you want to use the master branch (latest stable release), skip to Getting_FOG#Running_the_installer.

If you'd like to use the dev-branch, use this command:

git checkout dev-branch

If you would like to use the working branch, use this command:

git checkout working

To go back to master at a later date, always update your repository via the git pull command like this:

sudo -i
cd /root/fogproject
git pull
git checkout master
git pull

Running the installer

To start the installation process, you would follow the below steps. Running the installer must be done as root.

sudo -i
cd /root/fogproject/bin

Installation arguments

The FOG installer has installation arguments available. You can get them all by using this command with the installer:

./ --help

If you wanted the installer to 'just go' and use all defaults, use this command:

./ -y

If you want the installer to follow a configuration with the -y argument, just create a .fogsettings file ahead of time and put it here: /opt/fog/.fogsettings You can copy another server's file but will need to update the IP settings. Here's a writeup on the fogsettings file: .fogsettings