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How to change the font size / color of the PXE boot menu

It's very easy to edit the graphical pxe menu of the FOG server. You can change everything from the background color Link title to the font color / size, and even add additional pieces of software you can boot from.

Modify your default file from your server

You can also edit and modify the default menu file directly on your FOG server. This file is located in the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg folder.

Note that this file, along with your customized edits, will be overwritten by FOG if the PXE boot menu is updated through the web interface.

Open the default file in your favorite text editor. You are going to want to modify the file to adjust the menu color title and the default font color. Please note that font color and menu color are controlled similar to what you would see in HTML based coding.

   DEFAULT vesamenu.c32
   MENU TITLE FOG Computer Cloning Solution
   MENU BACKGROUND fog/bg.png
   menu color title	1;36;44    #ffffffff #00000000 std

By default #ffffffff = white

By default #00000000 = black

If you feel inclined, you can also change what is displayed at the top of the menu as well. Even though FOG is registered under GPL 3, I am going to suggest that you include some credit for Chuck Syperski / etc.

Here is a list of other color elements you may wish to change

screen          Rest of the screen
border          Border area
title           Title bar
unsel           Unselected menu item
hotkey          Unselected hotkey
sel             Selection bar
hotsel          Selected hotkey
disabled	 Disabled menu item
scrollbar       Scroll bar
tabmsg          Press [Tab] message
cmdmark         Command line marker
cmdline         Command line
pwdborder       Password box border
pwdheader       Password box header
pwdentry        Password box contents
timeout_msg     Timeout message
timeout         Timeout counter
help		 Help text
msgXX		 Message (F-key) file attribute XX


menu color unsel 1;36;44    #fc0000 #00000000 std

will change the color of your menu items to red

(These and more PXE menu settings can be found

Sample Background Images