How to change your pxe background

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It is very easy to customize your FOG server to match / reflect your place of work or taste.

Software and config needed

  • FTP Software - [1] (I recommend that you use the .zip version of Filezilla so it is stand alone and portable)
  • TFTP password set / reset - [[2]]

You should be able to connect to your servers IP address (a.k.a. the fog server ip) and enter the default username + password. If you can not connect please verify that you have the correct username + password set on your fog server.

By default the correct user name and password are

Username - fog

Password - password

Steps for editing and modifying the PXE background

  • Connect to the ftp with your username and password and navigate to /tftpboot/fog directory

10-10-2009 12-54-28 PM.png

  • Download the bg.png file to your desktop

10-10-2009 9-38-45 AM.png

  • Modify the bg.png file the way you want

10-10-2009 9-39-05 AM.png

In this example I'm using mspaint to add TUX to the boot menu. However you can add / remove / modify it how ever you want as long as you stay within the 640x480 paramaters

10-10-2009 9-42-35 AM.png

(please note that I am not trying to take credit away from Chuck Syperski or Jian Zhang. I am just trying to show you that it is possible to tweak the PXE boot menu so it can reflect your usage)

  • Upload the modified file to the same directory you downloaded it from /tftpboot/fog

10-10-2009 9-43-56 AM.png

  • PXE boot a computer and test it out! =)

Below are some examples!

10-10-2009 9-46-07 AM.png

10-10-2009 12-47-38 PM.png