How to remote control a computer through FOG

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Remote controlling a computer can be extremely beneficial for helping a user remotely. FOG does not have any remote control software built into the installation, however you can create a snapin using FOSS (free open source software) which accomplishes this task.

In this article we will be creating a snapin of UltraVNC SC (single click) which can be pushed / run on a remote computer allowing remote access.

**note** This article assumes that your current installation and configuration of fog is working for snapins with no issues.

Also please note that UltraVNC SC was written for Windows XP, and at this time Windows 7 support has been found to be working, but may not be fully functional with FOG at this time. This is due to UAC and how Windows 7 handles remote permissions of executed software on the pc. This is a known issue that is being worked on, see the UltraVNC SC forums for more information [1]

Assuming the UltraVNC server has been deployed to the client and the java viewer applet is using the default port 5800. To add the remote link to the FOG web interface you must edit line 320 in the hosts.edit.include.php in FOG .29. The original line should be deleted and this one should replace it

echo ( "<tr><td><a href=http://" . $ar["hostName"] .":5800 target=\"_blank\">Remote Control</a></td></tr><tr><td>"._("Host IP").":</td><td><input class=\"smaller\" type=\"text\" name=\"ip\" value=\"" . $host->getIPAddress() . "\" /></td></tr>" );

Similar edits can be made to groups.edit.include.php and