Include any ISO in the FOG Bootmenu

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in this example i will use the partedmagic ISO, but Clonezilla, Linux ditros, Hirens, and other bootable ISO's can be used

create a folder in /tftpboot/fog/ called partedmagic, copy the partedmagic.iso file into this folder and also copy and paste the memdisk file found in /tftpboot/fog/

browse to /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/ and edit the 'default' file in there and add

LABEL PartedMagic
        kernel fog/partedmagic/memdisk 
        append iso initrd=fog/partedmagic/partedmagic.iso raw
        MENU PartedMagic
        TEXT HELP
        Gparted + Clonezilla + Firefox

You can also see this recent forum post for more instruction - [1]

Please remember that if you create a new folder on the tftp folder you will also need to include memdisk in the same folder! The link above also inlcudes a TFTP folder you can use to try on your own. It includes dban and dell diagnostics's .iso's.