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Devices that are known to have problems with FOG Imaging solution.



  • Dell Optiplex 740 (don't use Kernel 2.6.27, try 2.6.27 RC9 or the one by Peter Sykes, also make sure you fully format the drive to remove the Dell Utility partition or it will cause issues, if you didn't try using a Multiple Partition image type) - Use Peter Sykes Kernel plus Dell BIOS version 1.1.8 and image using Multiple Partition.
  • Dell Optiplex 780n SFF With the second version of this model you must disable the SATA Raid in the bios (even if your machine only has one drive.) and change it to legacy. Dell sets the hard drives to RAID now by default for all configurations.
  • Dell Optiplex 980 Does not work with the .30 kernel. Must extract the .28 kernel from the tar, rename it, and set these hosts to use it and they will work when running the .30 release of fog.
  • Compaq D510 SFF NOT WORKING . WORKING as of .26 (as per HP d530 you MUST select "LBA Assisted" translation, seems to be consistent for all these devices)
  • HP d530S SFF NOT WORKING . With FOG .32, partimage segfaults while saving image; if image is captured elsewhere, machine reboots before image resize finishes. WORKING with .32, you MUST update the BIOS to latest version or it won't boot, and set the Translation mode for the hard drives to "LBA Assisted" or it won't image.
  • Dell Dimension 2400 with Broadcom 4401 Onboard NIC/Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switch
  • Dell Dimension 2400 with Broadcom Onboard NIC - TFTP filename issue
  • Dell Vostro 1510 NOT WORKING - Does not work with Latest A15 Dell BIOS, or A13. A14 unknown but presumably not working.
      • actually, with A13, if you set "irqpoll" into the Host Kernel Arguments field for the host, it works!!!
  • HP Compaq DC7900 Blue Screens with default BIOS settings (SATA emulation set to AHCI mode) It can be fixed by going to the latest Bios
  • HP Compaq DX7500 unable to create image (SATA emulation set to AHCI mode or IDE mode) FOG ver 0.27\Works fine set to IDE on FOG ver 0.26
  • Dell Vostro 230 Boots up, but cannot even perform host registration since can't find Hard Drive.
  • Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo P2550 works, but you probably have to edit your default file (tftpd) because the graphical modus causes trouble.
  • Fujitsu Siemens Scenic Pentium 4 (model name unknown) NOT WORKING Tried several kernels FOG 0.27, 0.28, 2.6.35-KS 2.6.37-core with or without acpi=off hpet=disable irqpoll arguments. computer freezes right after downloading init.gz
  • HP Compaq 8200 Elite USDT NOT WORKING Tried several kernels FOG 0.27, 0.28, 2.6.39-core 26.39.1-core with or without acpi=off hpet=disable irqpoll arguments. Getting error messages pointing to unsupported version of Bios.
  • Dell Optiplex 980 Does not work with Kernel 3.8.8. Use kernel 3.13.1


  • Compaq Presario CQ60 Will register and pull images fine, and pushing an image seems to work, but once it's done, Windows will not boot due to missing/corrupt files.
  • Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5535 Needs kernel arguments vga=788 nomodeset. Additionally, refer to article SiS-191 based NIC to get it working.
  • HiGrade VA250D/VA250P Errors out stating "BIOS Bug #81" and "no disks detected"
  • Dell Latitude E4310 intel 825xx network card [Major Corruption Bug in e1000e Driver in Linux Kernel 2.6.27]. fail to load kernel. newer kernels dont seem to work. Kernel PS works but without gigabit network support.
  • Dell D531 laptop NOT WORKING - please note, this laptop is also listed under the Working Hardware section.
  • Dell Inspiron 1721 laptop w/ Vista32Ult NOT WORKING
  • Dell D510 laptop KERNEL UPDATE TO 2.6.28 - ver 0.24's b44 driver for NIC fails under heavy load (image push) - will work with 0.25's kernel (Kernel-2.6.28.kitchensink)
  • Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook NOT WORKING Image upload appears fine.When deploying the network bandwidth drops at 34% of the install but, the process will complete. When the computer restarts - Windows\System32\Config\System Error
  • Compaq 6910p NOT WORKING FOG boot only with a Kitchen Sink kernel but locks up laptop after 2 seconds when trying to deploy image. Finally made it work by changing MTU to 500 (1000 did NOT work).
  • HP Mini 110 NOT WORKING FOG boots fine off NIC but looses NIC location when attempting to register with server. No options in Mini Bios to edit for a possible work around.
  • ACER aspire one P531h FOG will not find HD with SATA drive set to IDE mode, and will throw errors with native SATA mode. Confirmed, 0.29 will not find hard drive even with the latest firmware from acer installed.
  • Lenove ThinkPad E325 NOT WORKING Tried several different kernels up to and including Kernel-3.1-rc8.core, tried FOG versions 0.29 and 0.32, with and without kernel args acpi=off hpet=disable irqpoll. Doesn't like the LAN card or BIOS, and then fills the screen with an image similar to static on a TV.
  • Lenovo Thinkpad T42: PXE menu items don't work with kernel( KS) loads with kernel( PS and ALT) but automatically reboots immediately.
  • Fujitsu LifeBook T731/T732: T731 requires BIOS update so it doesn't hang on pxe boot to hd0,0. T732 have to disable pxe boot after imaging because it hangs on boot to hd0,0 and there is no BIOS update yet (1/2014)
  • Dell Vostro 5470 Will not work properly with kernel 2.6.39 (default for FOG 0.32), returns error: "nvidiafb: unable to setup MTRR". After some tests, I got it to work fine with kernel PS (1/2014)


  • Dell PowerEdge R200 Don't use the latest kernel (2.6.29), roll back to 2.6.28 and the NIC (uses module tg3) works beautifully
  • Dell PowerEdge R515 NOT WORKING 3.8.8 Boots, fails to recognize most hardware. 3.13.1 Begins to boot, hangs during kernel loading, reports no hard disk found, then crashes and reboots.


  • Acer Iconia Tab w500 - Requires custom kernel which disables agpgart and includes newer Asix AX88772B drivers... Also requires adding a tftpd map file and configuration option in order to get PXE to boot properly when using a separate DHCP server from FOG.


  • SiS-191 based NIC Issue only with deploying an image, driver MTU size must be set to 1000
  • SiS-900 based NIC Issue with pxelinux menu
  • tg3 module NICs (Broadcom?) - Issue with loading firmware in kernel 2.6.29 (roll back to 2.6.28)