Restoring FOG from Backup

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Restoring FOG

Restoring a FOG installation requires essentially the opposite actions as taken above. This section assumes you backed your installation up manually. This section will assume that your backup is in /opt/fog_backup. Also, you may need to be root for some of these actions.

First, go to your backup directory:

# cd /opt/fog_backup
# ls
fogopt fog.sql web

As you can see, I have named my /opt/fog into fogopt, and my /var/www/fog into web. I chose not to backup my /images directory due to some issues copying such large files.

Web Directory

Restoring your web directory will take two steps. First, remove the current one, if it exists, then copy the backup over to the appropriate location.

# rm -rf /var/www/fog
# cp -a /opt/fog_backup/web /var/www/fog

OPT Directory

Restoring the /opt directory is just about the same as the web directory above.

# rm -rf /opt/fog
# cp -a /opt/fog_backup/fogopt /opt/fog

MySQL Databse

In order to restore the database, you should first drop the current one (if it exists), then create a blank fog database, then import your backup.

# mysql -u root -p
Enter password: 
mysql> DROP DATABASE fog;
mysql> exit
# mysql -D fog -u root -p < fog.sql

That should do it!