Separate TFTP and DHCP Server

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Separate TFTP and DHCP Server

In this setup, the TFTP server and the DHCP server are hosted on a separate server. The TFTP server holds the PXE boot files including the Linux Kernel, boot file system image, and pxe config files. The DHCP server is the server that assigns the clients with IP addresses and network connection information.

In this setup we will have two servers:

  • Server A: This is the 'Master' server which will host Apache, MySql, NFS and HTTP
  • Server B: This server will host TFTP and DHCP

In our example, both of these servers need to have a fresh install of Fedora. They will both need static IP addresses, in our example we will use:

  • Server A:
  • Server B:

On both nodes, download the FOG installation package from:

On Server A install FOG, when you are prompted with:

Would you like to use the FOG server for dhcp service? [Y/n]

Select "n" to not start DHCP on that server.

After installation is complete navigate to:


and install the FOG schema.

On server A go to:

System -> Administration -> Services

Uncheck and Stop the following Services:

  • dhcpd (should already be stopped.)
  • xinetd
  • vsftpd

On Server B install FOG, but this time install the dhcp service.

On server B go to:

System -> Administration -> Services

Uncheck and Stop the following Services:

  • FOGMulticastManager
  • httpd
  • mysqld

On server B open:


Copy the value from TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD

Then open


Replace all instances of web=x.x.x.x/fog/ with the the ip address of Server A.

Now on Server A, open:


Replaced the value from TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD on Server B.

To test your configuration, navigate to 

login as:

Username: fog
Password: password

Create a host and then attempt to create a task, if everything works correctly you should see a file created on Server B in the directory /tftpboot/pxeconfig.pxe/ name with the mac address of the host.