Speeding up the Graphical User Interface

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FOG's User Interface runs on your main FOG server, which is likely a well-built machine. The interface experiences some delays responding to user input because of some of the overhead it has to handle, but also because it attempts to provide real-time updates about the status of your hosts.

    There are two settings that can be modified to increase FOGs responsiveness:
  • Disable animations:
    About > FOG Settings > General Settings > FOG_USE_ANIMATION_EFFECTS: Set to 0
    This will make FOG messages appear instantly rather than slowly decending from the top of the page.
    Note: It is usually not necessary to actually click Ok on the message. Just continue to the next task.
  • Disable Host Lookup:
    About > FOG Settings > General Settings > FOG_HOST_LOOKUP: Set to 0
    Caution: As noted in this thread, this also has the negative impact of breaking the search-for-hosts-as-you-type feature.
Changing the value of FOG_VIEW_DEFAULT_SCREEN in FOG View Settings to 1 saves having to press 'list all' in the hosts and image screens.