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Getting help

Please look below to see how you may contribute to the FOG project to help improve it for everyone.

  • The Wiki - First off make sure you have taken a good look around the wiki, there's a substantial amount of help that has been contributed to it.
  • Main Support Forums - The FOG Project forums for the best, in depth help available.
  • Spiceworks Community - There's a hefty amount of Q&A gone on under various groups in this project and often worth using a search Spiceworks Community FOG search.
  • IRC Channel - To talk about fog or find some quick answers to problems you might have, an IRC is #FOGimaging on freenodes IRC servers. Use your own IRC client or connect on the webchat.

Contributing to the FOG Project

If you use and/or like FOG and would like to help the project evolve there are many ways to do so. Please see the following list for ways in which you can aid in the development of FOG.

  • Report Bugs - Bug reports are very important to us! If you encounter an error that isn't in the Bug Tracker please report it, this helps us make a better and more stable product.
  • Add to or Create a wiki page - We are not very good at documentation, so if you see a spelling mistake or a grammar issue and want to fix it please do. Also if you feel that the documentation is missing something and would like to add it we would love it if you did!
  • Make a feature request - If you think there is something missing from FOG that you would like to see added, you probably are not the only one that could use it, make a feature request and we will try to add it to FOG.
  • Code - If you know a little programming and think something is sloppy or could be done better, pass it along. Or if you want to or have added a new feature to FOG that isn't part of the core package let us know and we will attempt to include it.
  • Spread the Word - Submit an objective article about FOG to a web based publication, or just mention FOG to a colleague.
  • Dark Coin - Under Advanced Tasks there is a Donate option. Set it up and run it. This will donate directly to Fog's account. Or Donate Coin Directly here XevBu64MncnpVJKpDnjiiPJVEC6osrxzjB
  • Buy us a Beer! - We do this all on our free time, so if you have a few bucks and would like to buy us a beer you can donate here: Donate