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We have recently downloaded fog for testing but it got error while installing.

I shows php-gd package error.

Do I need to install something prior to insstall the package ?

It depends on the distro

on fedora just do a

yum install php-gd

SATA recognition

Can the kernel be configured to recognise SATA disks, so that upload/send is greatly accelerated? Thank you, Athanasios Karamanidis

Windows NFS and FTP server

I use a Windows NFS and FTP server and I cannot upload an image because Windows does not support a double colon (:) in a filename or foldername, so FOG cannot create this MAC address file. How can this be changed? Thanks, Marc

PXE boot / DHCP problems

I am currently working on a project which is to build a functioning FOG server. I have installed FOG on Ubuntu 10.10 on VMBOX. Currently we have a host computer hooked up into a switch and have the VMBOX server also connected to this switch. They can ping each other. We have also got to download the FOG client software from our Virtual Server to the Client. The host computer is now set to boot from PXE.

Our problem is that the host will not boot to PXE because it is not getting the DHCP service even though it is running. The client just keeps timing out and booting normally. Also our FOG server does not like the Host Name of the client. It is Team12, and the computer is named team12.

Any Suggestions would help a lot.

FOG Full registration issues

The fog client full registration locks up after typing in the password. Any thoughts on what the issue might be.