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How to image windows xp OS and restore windows xp OS? Why I can not boot from pxe,show error receive from TFTP server!(Can DHCP IP from Fog)

Installation of additional packages

Once a PC has been cloned and used for distribution, I would like to add additional programs on an adhoc basis. So PC1 will have only the base image. PC2 will have the base image and 1 additional package. Can these additional packages be deployed using FOG or must I use some other solution like Altiris or MS Deployment Manager?

Yes, you just need to install the FOG client service on the computer. The plugin you would use for this is called the snapin module.

Host Name Changer Error Padding is invalid

I am getting a host name changer error padding is invalid and cannot be removed. Any ideas what may be causing this?

Got it! User error. I had to replace the hostnamechange.dll file.

Problems Uploading Image

First let me say "Great Job on this software" I also work for a K-12 school system and while testing on an older HP/Compaq model HPD51c when I try to upload I get an error "Cannot open font file latarcyrheb-sun16 sh-3.1#" and the machine freezes up. Any ideas what I'VE done wrong.

Thanks Keith Miller Network Administrator Overton County Schools

I had the same problem. I did a quick format of the hard drive (did this from the advanced tasks in FOG) and this corrected the problem for me.

I get a similar error after running the disk surface test. sh: dircolors: command not found Cannot open font file latarcyrheb-sun16. I have fog running on Debian Lenny perhaps that is the issue.--Hillie 11:26, 22 September 2010 (UTC)

Upload error with new install

I have installed the server piece on an Ubuntu 8.04 VM on Xenserver. The install went well, the management console works great, but I cannot create an image from a workstation. When I initiate the upload the task says waiting for host to check in....and just sits there. What am I doing wrong?

Dick Wright

Installation stops at GCC package

I am installing Fog on a Dell PE 700 and the install stops at Installing Package:GCC. firewall, Selinux and iptables are off and has a active internet connection using Fedora 10. help...

Eddie Gonzales

move a image from one Fog server to another Fog server

Does anyone know how to do this?

Internationalization Issue


I'm trying FOG on my school, and it's great. However we use a Danish version of Windows XP which install program files in C:\Programmer\ and not C:\Program Files\ as in the english version. This

Preparing the Master Client host - Danish Windows XP

  • Abstract:
    • With FOX Service Installer (FOX Tray version 0.1) The installer installs in C:\Program files\FOX but looks for the FoxServiceConfig.exe in C:\programmer\FOX in the danish version of XP.

Install Windows XP service Pack 2 support tools and if using the 'danish edition of Windows XP edit C:\Program files\FOG\etc\config.ini line with the path to netdom.exe from C:\Program files\Support tools\netdom.exe to C:\Programmer\Support tools\netdom.exe

Regards Heth 00:48, 20 June 2009 (MST)

Importing images

Does anybody know how i can import my images from my old fog server database into my new fog server database?

Add DCHP to existing Fog Server that was setup without it.

We initially setup our fog server without DCHP, and used the PXE boot options on our windows DHCP server. We now want to isolate it to it's own LAN, as it seems to drag down our network speed while uploading images. Thus I want to FOG server to take over the DHCP function on that isolated network. It's a debian system, and I did apt-get install dhcp3, but I'm unsure how to configure it.

How do I add DCHP to existing Fog Server that was setup without it?

Using FOG to create automated images of client for backup purposes

Is it possible to use FOG to create automated images (snapshots) of clients for backup purposes?

I'd like to have FOG create an image of all clients each weekend and save the image a default path automatically. This way if a client hard drive crashes, I can send down the latest image and get them back up and running without having to reinstall all the applications independently.


Talk section on the Wiki

Hey guys, what do you say we move discussions about using and troubleshooting FOG to the Sourceforge forums, and use the talk pages for discussing and/or previewing changes on the Wiki??