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Ecole Elémentaire Ruy, FRANCE

We are a little primary scholl in a french village named Ruy. We've been using Fog since november 2009 and it's fine. On the server side we are running on Linux (xubuntu) machine and clients are all win xp.

   * FOG Servers: 1
   * Additional Storage Nodes: 0
   * Geographic Locations: 3
   * User since: Version 0.28
   * Desktops: 25
   * Laptops: 0
   * Previous Imaging Solution Used: none
   * Uses FOG Client: NO
         o Uses Auto Log Out: NO
         o Uses Client Updater: NO
         o Uses Directory Cleaner: NO
         o Uses Display Manager: NO
         o Uses Green FOG: NO
         o Uses Hostname Changer: NO
         o Uses Host Registration: NO
         o Uses Printer Management: NO
         o Uses Snapin Client: NO
         o Uses Task Reboot: NO
         o Uses User Cleanup: NO
         o Uses User Tracker: NO

American University Radio WAMU 88.5FM

When I started working in American University Radio as the Network Systems Administrator, I realized the lack of a comprehensive deployment toolkit in order to make day to day deployment tasks effective, efficient and manageable for our Help Desk Staff. That's where I deployed FOG in conjunction with Clonezilla to deploy more than hundreds of PCs and MACs from network in matter of minutes. Special thanks to FOG which made such an amazing solution.

   FOG Servers: 1
   Additional Storage Nodes: 0
   Geographic Locations: 1
   User since: Version 0.32
   Desktops: 1000 (and growing ...)
   Laptops: 30 (and growing too ...)
   Previous Imaging Solution Used: IMAGEx, Ghost
   Uses FOG Client: NO
       Uses Auto Log Out: NO
       Uses Client Updater: NO
       Uses Directory Cleaner: NO
       Uses Display Manager: NO
       Uses Green FOG: NO
       Uses Hostname Changer: NO
       Uses Host Registration: YES
       Uses Printer Management: NO
       Uses Snapin Client: NO
       Uses Task Reboot: YES
       Uses User Cleanup: NO
       Uses User Tracker: NO