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As of July, 2016 in 1.3.0

Local server time is displayed on the fog dashboard.

As of 1.3.0-r3119

  1. The option to change your time zone from the web gui has been added. This only changes FOG components.
    • Config.png Fog Configuration --> Fog Settings --> General Settings --> FOG_TZ_INFO
      • Select your appropriate timezone.
  2. You will still need to check your time on the server hardware, apache, and nodes to confirm they are correct.

Check Timezones

  • If your time is off please check your timezone located in these two files:
  • Ubuntu:
    • /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini & /etc/php5/cli/php.ini
  • Debian:
    • /usr/share/zoneinfo

Restart Fog Services

  • Then restart apache2 and Fog Services (or reboot entire server):
sudo service apache2 restart	
sudo service FOGMulticastManager restart
sudo service FOGTaskScheduler restart
sudo service FOGImageReplicator restart
sudo service FOGSnapinReplicator restart

Restart Apache on CentOS/Fedora/Redhat:

service httpd restart

Check BIOS

  • Check the BIOS and verify that the time is correct.

Check on Server

  • Possibly your server's time could have been reset. Check it by running

Extra Info=

  • A question was brought up about the nodes needing to have the same time. The only ones that truly matter would be the Master nodes and Windows Nodes. Try to get them to the right time and everything should work.