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Article under construction. Below, you will find notes / jibberish that I'm collecting to make into an article.

Common Problems

Task is completed, computer will now restart

The task completes but did not image, did not actually complete the task, did not really deploy the image. You receive the below (pictured) error when deploying an image.

Image Too Big For Destination Drive.jpg

Image is too large for destination drive

This is normally caused by a non-resizable image that has been deployed to a host with a hard drive that is too small to hold the image.

In order to deploy a non-resizable image, the destination HDD must be the same size or larger than the HDD the image was taken from. If the source HDD was 80GB and destination HDD is 80GB but the HDDs are different brands, it is possible that the image deployment can fail. This is because the destination HDD MUST be at least as large as the source. Even 4 sectors less, or even 16KB smaller and the image deployment will fail.

Generally, to fix this you would use the resizeable image type.

Destination drive is blank

Another time you might recieve this error is if you're trying to deploy to an HDD that is absolutely blank - with no pre-existing partitions. In such case, you might try the fix in this thread: svn image doesnt push. The user in this thread followed this: Modifying_the_Init and added this code:

Just before the image check types:

# Generates the partitions.  If singledisk resizeable, it generates
# based on default normal values.
# Otherwise it uses MBR/GPT to generate the partition table(s).

Add this code:

#fix for possible dodgy partitions on the disk
testdisk=`fogpartinfo --list-devices 2>/dev/null`;
#this will either give us something or nothing
if [ -z "$testdisk" ]; then
  read -r -p "Partition error. Do you want to murder the partition table for $hd? [y/N] " response
  if [[ $response =~ ^([yY][eE][sS]|[yY])$ ]]
    #murder the partition table - this shouldnt need a restart
    dd if=/dev/zero of=$hd bs=512 count=1 conv=notrunc;
    #label the emptiness - should be enough to get the system to continue
    parted $hd --script -- mklabel msdos;
 echo "checked $testdisk for partitions (no need to kill partition table yet)";