What Operating Systems can be imaged with FOG?

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Any formatted with ext/xfs, including ChromiumOS. Re-sizable partitions only supported for EXT based partitions.


Yes, but not re-sizable partitions. please see: FOG on a MAC


Windows OEM licenses

Microsoft has changed their reimaging license in February 2011 so that you can't distribute an OEM image if you doesn't buy a full packaged product (FPP) or have a Volume Licensing program. This means that you have to buy an extra Win7 license besides the Win7 OEM license included in most computers.

Text from the Microsoft license document: "Organizations do not have the right to reimage by using OEM media. An OEM image can only be preloaded on a PC by the OEM during manufacturing."

Ref: http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/about-licensing/volume-licensing-briefs.aspx#tab=1