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Merge [[Tftp timeout]] into the  [[Troubleshoot TFTP]] article. Add anything that isn't already there - Do not loose any information. Ok to rephrase.
Merge [[Tftp timeout]] AND [[Tftp timeout....]] into the  [[Troubleshoot TFTP]] article. Add anything that isn't already there - Do not loose any information. Ok to rephrase.
=Better document storage nodes=
=Better document storage nodes=

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This article serves as a list of things that need to be done in the WiKi, or need improvement.

Please see this thread to make suggestions, or for info on how to help: wiki-to-do-list

General pointers for WiKi editing and technical writing

  • Assume all articles are being read by absolute beginners to FOG and Linux.
  • Use well-cropped pictures when possible. Highlight or mark important areas in the picture.
  • Do not create a massive blob of text. Nobody will read it. Organize articles in single sentences or small paragraphs; utilize blank lines.
  • Remain neutral about various Linux distributions and various methods.
  • Utilize code boxes.
  • When referring to a particular thing/feature/fix/issue in FOG Trunk, use revision numbers and give guidance if possible on the range of revisions it might apply to.
  • Utilize the auto-indexing/organizing feature. the equals sign "=" is used, sub-sections have an extra pair of "=" around them (look at other articles for examples).
  • Use spell check
  • Be clear, and don't be afraid to make a pre-existing article more clear, but never alter an article in a way that takes away information.
  • Look for existing articles on a topic before creating your own. Try to update existing ones, or integrate old articles into a new one.
  • Try to merge similar articles together. Do not merge in a way that looses information.
  • Create articles that have generalized titles.
  • provide code examples for Debian and Red Hat.
  • If you don't know the other's code, put a code bracket anyway and fill it with:


debian example here

Red Hat:

red hat example here

This makes it easy for others to come after you and just fill in the blanks. When applicable, include distribution versions.


Create a master listing of ALL troubleshooting related articles

  • Please list the "Troubleshooting <problem> articles at the top.

It doesn't matter how long this article gets.

Troubleshooting FOG

Translate ANY highly viewed article into alternative languages

We need translators. Please spend your precious time on the most viewed articles.

Refine Troubleshoot NFS article

Troubleshoot NFS

This needs more common problems / fixes added. There are a ton of problems related to NFS in the forums, just need to search for those, and find the basic problem and solution and add those.

Better document the Location Plugin

Location Plugin

The documentation on this is sketchy at best, and needs pictures and a longer more detailed explanation of what it is, why it is, how it works, and how to use it. Should include a troubleshooting section because sometimes removing and re-adding sites suddenly makes imaging work, snapins work, etc. The forum has examples.

Merge this

Merge Tftp timeout AND Tftp timeout.... into the Troubleshoot TFTP article. Add anything that isn't already there - Do not loose any information. Ok to rephrase.

Better document storage nodes

Storage nodes play a really important role in fog. They need better documentation and explanation.

Document BIOS & UEFI co-existence / all available methods


This is a super important one. Here are a few starting points:



Create a “Troubleshooting SMB” article

In the future, FOG is going to use Samba. NFS is likely to still be supported, but I expect it to be phased out of mainstream installations. We need a solid article on troubleshooting Samba from a FOG perspective.

Merge exiting forum threads/articles about adding ISOs to FOG

There are a TON of threads in the forums about this, and a lot of WiKi articles on it. There are also countless outside sites that have VERY elaborate write-ups on this.

All of this stuff belongs in one WiKi article. It doesn't matter how long it is. It all belongs in one place.

This article should be organized by METHOD of adding the ISO. Under each "method", there should be the relevant examples and steps.

Provide examples for the latest stable FOG release, and for the current FOG Trunk version where possible. Don't worry about older versions.

DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke)

Need examples for Win7, 8, 8.1, and 10 media - along with a solid Linux Live example.

Finish “Troubleshoot Cron” article.

Troubleshoot Cron

This pertains to "Cron Style" deployments, and delayed deployments.

This article should include troubleshooting FOG time. Time on the server and the FOG timezone, and any relevant Apache settings, too. Should include examples for the latest stable FOG release, and current FOG Trunk.

Finish the “Troubleshoot MySQL” article

Troubleshoot MySQL

Approach everything in here (except installing/removal) from the MySQL perspective since MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. Should include example commands for various things - like enabling remote access, etc.

Finish "Troubleshoot Downloading - Unicast"

Troubleshoot Downloading - Unicast

Finish "Troubleshoot Downloading - Multicast"

Troubleshoot Downloading - Multicast

Finish "Troubleshoot Uploading"

Troubleshoot Uploading

Should link Troubleshoot FTP to this one, it plays a big role right now.

Update this


Merge into the Troubleshoot NFS and Troubleshoot Downloading - Unicast articles where possible.

Merge "adding storage" articles

We need one article to cover it all. This article should be organized by OS distribution and version, and then by method.




Create “Troubleshoot ProxyDHCP / dnsmasq”

Merge existing “unmodifiable DHCP … long long name” article with the troubleshooting article. We need the name simplified, and we need this article simplified and explained better:


Create “Best Practices”

–Naming images (naming conventions that make sense)

–Image Descriptions (meaningful and detailed)

–Group Names (Naming conventions)

–Using Groups (all the cool stuff you can do using groups)

–Image Backups (every practical method. NFS, Samba, Script, Cron-tab)

–Database Backups (when and how)

–Hosts Backups (when and how)

-Anything else that you can think of

Create "Security" article

FOG security

Create an article based on HAVING firewall enabled, and HAVING SELinux turned on, and HAVING the most restrictive directory permissions possible.

Limiting NFS / FTP to only what it absolutely needs.

Just locking everything down.

This would NOT BE any sort of troubleshooting article. It’d be for people who actually have FOG working!

Create Videos for FOG 1.3.0 release

Create detailed installation / setup videos for Red Hat and Debian. Intended audience is complete Linux beginners that haven't ever used CLI.

Create detailed Usage videos that focus just on basic host tasks and the Web UI. These videos are a mix of SHOWCASING fog, and simple tutorials. Intended audience is complete Linux beginners that haven't ever used CLI. Should showcase / demonstrate uploading, downloading, early rename, domain joining, speed, and compression.

Update / Merge old info into new articles


Reduce the amount of Orphaned pages

Merge them or embed them, or link them when possible.